Thursday, September 18, 2008

Please Pray

Please pray for my friend, J. Her husband was one of the Oklahomans killed in the helicopter traveling to Iraq last night. (I am not giving her name here as I have no way of knowing who sees this and I wouldn't want family to find out here...does that make sense? I can't imagine that happening, but just in case.) They are sweet members of my church and just about a week ago, she insisted on bringing lunch out to the kids and I and ministered to me greatly in our time of loss. I am just heartsick for her. I thought that maybe losing a spouse would be easier than losing a child. There is a sort of responsibility you feel for your children, but that was in the midst of least I had Patrick to turn to. He has been my rock. J has 3 little boys, 9, 6ish, and 22 months. Please bathe them in prayer!

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