Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Maybe this will help you understand...

I have had many people comment that they don't understand why DHS can't just terminate bio dad since he didn't show up. Yes, normally, if a bio doesn't show up for pre-trial, they are terminated by default. This is what happened with Jacob's bio mom and also S&J's bio mom.

Bio dad is in prison. Therefore, he cannot physically get himself to court. Because of this, we rely on HIS court appointed lawyer to do the paperwork to get dad to court when needed. Lawyer has failed to do this for the past 10 months. Courts hands are basically tied until lawyer decides to do his job.

Common sense would tell you that the guy is in prison...what rights should he have?? My opinion?? Absolutely NONE! That's what you get when you break the law. Sorry. It is extremely black and white to me. Nevertheless, this is not what our liberal government has chosen.

So we wait. I would also like you to understand the Juvenile Justice Court system...it is not like other courts. All attorneys, bios and children, are court appointed. Well, I take that back...you can hire your own attorney if you can afford it, but 99% of the bios cannot. Realize that these people fighting for "the best interest of the children" are having lunch together after court, hanging out with each other, etc. When they get into court, it's just a job...they play their part and that's that. These lawyers are your best friend in one case and in the next case you are dirt. Seriously...it's all about the money.

I hope that explains the situation a little better.

On another note, I am just a little sick to my stomach. I read on a foster parent board that a mom was in her backyard, with her 2 year old, looking at their pond. There was a goose on the pond. Well, goose decides to attack 2 year old. Mom has to strangle the goose to get it to let go of her baby. Baby has bruises on his neck and clumps of hair pulled out of his head. She heard the goose neck crack and he let go. Mom, probably not knowing exactly what to do, calls Animal Control. When she tells them there is an injured goose and what happened, they were furious...AT HER FOR HURTING THE GOOSE!! Then the forestry people are called in, tell her she fractured the gooses skull, and if the goose dies, she will be fined a hefty fine. ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME????? If that had been a PERSON attacking her child, she would have been within her rights to kill that person, but heaven forbid she hurt a bird that was attacking her child!

I am sick that we have more regard for animals (even those that attack our babies) than we do for babies. I am sick that a mom who HAS her baby has to get 27 signatures and approvals to place her baby into the caring hands of an adoptive family. A mom who wants to abort her baby can do this with NOBODY'S signature or approval.

I do believe we are in the end times. I was surprised last night as I was reading in my Bible, Ezekiel 7, it was about God's judgement on our nation. The night before one of the most important elections ever. I keep hearing that we need to pray about our decision. Really?? One man thinks it's okay to kill babies...one doesn't. No prayer needed for me on that decision! (Please...I am not trying to start anything here...it's my blog.)

So...that's all I have to say. I am going to lay down for awhile.


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Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.

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That's why I'm Republican - just that one issue!