Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We're Matched!!!

I would like to ask you all for your prayers...okay...MORE prayers! As you know, we have been pursuing adoption. Well, this past week, a situation has presented itself to us and we have accepted. Our baby is due at the end of January, but biomom will be induced, so I am guessing it will be more like the 3rd week sometime. Here are our prayer needs in this situation:

1. Baby will be born addicted to Meth. Please pray for this baby's protection in the womb, and for her/his withdrawals to be mild or better yet, non existent.

2. Bio Mom will be signing a consent to adopt this weekend. Please pray that she actually shows up where she is supposed to and signs the form.

3. We need God to take care of the details...I don't even know what some of them are yet!

4. This baby will be born in Texas. (Does that mean we have to become Longhorn fans??? SURELY NOT!) Please pray for the ICPC to go smoothly and quickly. (ICPC is a process that allows us to take baby from Texas to can take 24 hours to 2-3 weeks.) Our prayer is that the ICPC and termination will all be done when the baby is ready to leave the hospital.

Bio mom only has two choices...sign baby over to us, or DHS will take it at birth due to the drugs. She REALLY doesn't want the baby with the state. We understand the risks with adoption. We understand that this baby is not ours until the ink is dry. We understand all the things that can happen between now and the birth. We are praying that God will continue to "smooth our way" as He promised to me back on September 17, when He said, "I am a God of justice, and I will smooth out the road ahead of you..."

We learned of this baby last week. I told God that He was going to have to do some BIG things if this was His plan. (Like I really needed to tell Him!) First of all, the finances of it all. Seriously, I went to work on Sunday and said, "If we are to get this baby, I need to sell this house...TODAY!" Guess what?? I sold that house! It closes on 12/26. I get goosebumps just thinking about it!

"Whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them." Mark 11:24

Another prayer request...court for S&J is on Monday. I don't have to go unless they decide to hear our case. PLEASE pray they do. My patience with DHS is wearing thin. I want out SO badly. (So much for my foster care recruitment, huh??? Seriously...things have changed SO much in since DHS was sued by the New York law firm!)

Well, I am off to eat some more of the fabulous Peppermint bark candy I won at our Mom's Night Out Dirty Santa game last night! (Sorry, Heather...and it's SOOOOOOOO good!) It got a little ugly...all those quiet homeschool moms who sit so nicely in the nursery during PE should have heard the smack they were talking. There was yelling, there was coniving, there might have been a little blood...I can't really be sure about that one! Thanks, guys, for allowing me to host your nice, Christian, homeschool group Mom's Night Out!!!


Anonymous said...


I will call you tomorrow (email is messed up) so I can catch up on EVERYTHING!!!!

M is in MDO, YAHOO so I'll have time to chat.

Congrats and can't wait to hear all about it.


kim said...

Oh...I just got goosebumps! I am soooo excited for you. I will continue to pray for baby, birthmom, your family, the whole legal process..yada yada yada!

You better keep us posted :)

Kristy said...

Oh my gosh God is amazing I will be praying hard for you and your family!!!

Molly said...

Goosebumps does not describe what's on my legs right now...I think it's coming straight through my pantlegs! I am dying! I want to know all the details, but I also want to respect your story.

We will be praying! Thanks for sharing what God is doing! JANUARY will be here in no time! Good thing this isn't your first and you know what you need and don't need!

Love you and you can love on my chocolate baby anytime!

Anonymous said...


I had been wondering if you had fallen off the earth, but reading your blog I see that you are still alive. I'm so happy that you have been matched very quickly. Congratulations and hopefully everything will go smoothly for your family in this situation--and you won't be stranded in TX a long time.

Anonymous said...

So excited for you, and praying all goes smoothly with baby to come. ~Hugs
And I saw you rub that chocolate in. lol