Friday, January 2, 2009

So very personal...

I want to tell you how personal my God is. I have only begun to realize this in the past few years. I have always had a "personal relationship" with God...well...from the time I accepted Him as my Savior...but I don't think I knew exactly what that meant.

I really started listening for His voice when we were considering foster care. Although at that time I didn't know how corrupt DHS was, I did know that there would be many issues to come...I knew I didn't want to go along that path on my own. God became very personal to me. I remember the Friday evening we got Josiah. We had 6 kids (DHS's magic number) including our bios, Jacob, and Samara had come just 2 weeks earlier. Having Josiah would put us "over the limit" number wise. DHS dropped Josiah off at our house, telling me not to unpack him. They said the only reason they even brought him to our house is because the judge court ordered it and they did not want to be in contempt. They said that they would be moving both Samara and Josiah on Monday, after court.

I was exhausted. I had worked so hard to get Josiah here with Samara. She asked for him every day. His family wanted him here. I was done. So that Friday night, I decided to let them go. I was tired of fighting DHS. As I was reading in my Bible, this is the verse I got:

"Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked." Psalm 82:3-4

I went to court, fought, and here we are, 2 years later, ready to adopt. There was another instance with Jacob that we were told some of the family was going to come to court and fight for him. ( wasn't family, but the adoptive mom of some of his bios...we had already had Jacob for over a year at this point.) I went to my Bible and while I cannot find the verse at this moment, God basically told me not to fight, but to sit back and allow Him to fight for me. And that is exactly what happened.

God was very personal and specific in those situations, and these are just two examples of how God led us through the foster/adopt journey. My Bible is SO marked up with promises, directions, and encouragement!

So, fast forward to yesterday. Here is part of what a friend whom I only know through this blog sent to me last night:

"your story just amazes me I can see the Love you have for children through your words and WoW How God Honors that in his word. I really feel the Holy Spirit has spoken to me and you will have your new baby soon. To some people that may sound crazy, being that I only know you by reading your blog but I feel strongly about this and cannot wait t o hear the news I check daily, I continue to pray for you and your family and the birth mother of your future child." might read that and think, "wow...that was nice of her". But because of something I had done a few days earlier, this was HUGE!

I couldn't even tell you what day it was, but it was within the past week. As I was talking to God, just throwing things out there, I said, "please either close the door on this adoption, NOW, or encourage me along the way...let me know this is Your plan and we are following Your will. As a matter of fact, God, why don't you tell one of my friends that "January" baby is ours. How cool would that be??? Tell someone else that this is going to happen to us."

Now...I dare you to tell me that God isn't a personal God! I double DOG dare you!!! Seriously, I NEVER imagined that God would answer that silly little prayer! I mean, I just threw it out there for fun! And, it's not like He hasn't confirmed this in so many other ways...every time I ask! you think it would be too much for me to ask God to mark the date in my yearly Bible that this baby is coming???? LOL!!! God is laughing at me a little today!


Molly said...

you are right, gave me chills!

Thanks for sharing how he is working. Please let me know how we can pray.

Obviously until I hear more I will keep praying!

Tara said...

I have no doubt that our God is personal and loves us so much to take care of the small details.

I am encouraged to read this. I have also been praying for your family and know that God does have a plan. I can't wait to hear more about things as they happen!!!!

Sending lots of hugs!

Kristy said...

I wanted to say I Love the new blog layout! You already know how I feel about the this post can't stop thinking about it!

Al's World said...

Thank you for your amazing post! I love our Lord! I will be praying!

Nan said...

You are such an encouragement to me!! I am thrilled to see your growing journey since I met you so many years ago...thanks for letting me peek into your adventure with the Lord