Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"I'm not asking you to take them out of the world...

but to keep them safe from the evil one." John 17:15

This past week and a half, I have been tempted to ask God to take "E" out of the world! WOW! This verse just popped up on my verse of the day and I had to laugh after all that has gone on lately.

I have "E's" permission to share, as she appreciates your prayers, as do I. First of all, I need to tell you that "E" is paranoid schitzophrenic, diabetic, and a cocaine addict. If you met her on the street, she would tell you just that. The mental illness makes her a riot, I mean, she is hilarious because although she is pretty much like a 6 year old, she is also extremely bright. She reads ALL the time and remembers everything she reads. The cocaine makes her grouchy. Although, that could have been the diabetes that she has not been controlling.

So, a week and a half ago, "E" moved out of the maternity home and back onto the streets. It was her decision. I believe that "E" got scared because people were actually loving her and trying to help. She just couldn't handle it. It reminded me a LOT of Samara as she was adjusting to a normal life with us. As soon as things began to be "normal", she would have some sort of meltdown and ruin it. She just couldn't handle the good. "E" has this issue, also.

As I drove her back to her "camp" as she calls it, she became more and more at ease, the closer we got. I suspect that it would be much like taking me out of my nice, comfy home and putting me on the streets to live. NO THANK YOU!!! She was happy again.

On Sunday night, "E" was attacked and hit/kicked in the stomach. (This is after we spent the day Friday at the hospital because she thought she was in labor...she wasn't.) She and Emma were/are fine, but she was kept in the hospital for observation, where they discovered she was very low on potassium and her blood sugars were WAY off. I believe this was a blessing in disguise as "E" didn't even know how bad she felt until all of her stuff was back to normal! While in the hospital, she tested positive for cocaine, so a social worker was brought in. "E" decided she would go into rehab. I went to take her today.

Well, she opted out of rehab. She said it was too hard and she wasn't ready, but that they had given her a bed at the City Mission. Evidently, they have a nurse on hand to help them with their medications and what not. So, God is protecting and taking care of "E" in SPITE of "E"!

It has been a very tiring, emotional week. I am exhausted, but my Bible says "Never tire of doing good." So I will keep on plugging along. Our prayer is that Emma stays in her "cooker" until she is good and done, as long as it is safer there than on the outside. We only have 6 and a half weeks left until her due date!!

In between all the phone calls and drama, I have been preparing for Emma a little bit at a time. Now if I could just keep my house clean!! Enjoy the pictures and as always, I covet the prayers for "E", Emma, and our family!

Diaper bag, "lovey", changing pad, dipes/wipes bag, and a "mom's" pouch. I recovered our car seat to coordinate with the diaper bag. Mostly because I just love this fabric!

These are some more views of the car seat, along with dresses and cloth diapers I made for Emma when she finally gets here!!


Molly said...

Hey, thanks for filling me in! I was so lost on fb! We are praying for everyone. Bless your heart, you are doing the work of a fully staffed agency, all by yourself! You have to be worn plum out. Praying for protection for all. Keep us posted!

LOVE your stuff. Seriously, I would buy some of those dresses! I know you have TONS of free time to make and sell those...but really you should! They are to die for cute!

Anonymous said...

after talking w/you (abit) yesterday and reading your blog...i feel more "up 2 date" (lol)....if i was expecting or adopting, i would feel intimidated by ALL your sewing skills (LOL)...
much prayers and thots (as usual), joan

Kristy said...

All I can say is, you and E are in my prayers and know that God has this all figured out already. My heart goes out for baby Emma she has already gone through so much. Can't wait to meet up with you we still need to figure out where.

Anonymous said...

I love the carseat cover!!1

The little dragonfly said...

I love the items you made. do you mind sharing with me where to get the pattern for the car seat cover and the little dresses & diaper covers?

I searched and searched for a good pattern for that cover when I had my little girl and unfortunately never found one.